Hello + Mini Haul :3

Hi there~! My name’s Jennifer, and after a few months of wanting to start a blog, I’m finally getting around to it~ \o/ This will be sort of a general personal blog, but also with a slight focus on Asian skincare and beauty products. I’ve been interested in Asian pop culture since around 2007 thanks to j-pop and k-pop, but late last year I finally started to get more fascinated with Asian skincare while looking for solutions for my skin. So I ended up discovering a pretty big community for Asian beauty products, and I’m hoping some of my future posts could be my little contribution. ^^

Anyway, I thought I’d start off slowly with a small haul~ I found these first four items at a store in my town called Marukai Living, which sells a pretty large variety of Asian items, from skincare products to stationery, and even rice cookers. The cosmetic and skincare section is pretty sizable, and much better than the neighboring Mitsuwa too :3 I never had much time to peruse the aisles until my recent visit, so I was pretty excited to find these.

(Also, apologies for the photo quality. I’m trying to improve my photography skills, but good lighting is hard to find in my house!)

The first items are the My Beauty Diary sheet masks! I’ve been dying to try these since I heard about sheet masks in general, but I was a bit afraid of ordering online in case I got fakes, I was unsure about ordering a full box of them in case they didn’t work out for me, and I always missed whenever Sasa had shipping promotions. So this turned out to be a perfect solution.


I purchased three varieties: black pearl, pearl powder, and Bulgarian rose. (I would’ve loved to try more, but these were the only ones they had…) Since these are from a Japanese shop, the packaging is all in Japanese, and each little box came with two sheet masks for around $4 each. It is a bit more expensive than getting a box with 10 sheets for $13 to $15, but for the convenience of getting them right away in store and being able to try them without the risk of wasting a full box, I’m fine with it. ^^ So far I’ve only tried the black pearl mask, and I really loved it! No bad reactions whatsoever, and no matter how much I thought all the serum would never soak into my skin, it did. I can’t wait to try the other varieties out~ I’m definitely buying the full box later for the black pearl masks at least.

The second item I bought was a 7 pack of the brightening Lululun sheet masks for around $6. I haven’t heard super amazing reviews of these to be honest, but I really wanted to try them for myself since they were pretty affordable. I don’t really like that all the masks are just stored in one little zip lock bag together because I’ve always heard about products like this drying out, but hopefully since there are only 7, it’ll be alright. (Plus, the packaging is pretty cool too, haha~)

lululun1 lululun2

Got another sheet mask too, haha~ I haven’t heard of the Pure Smile brand before, but there was quite a variety and they were only around $1 each, so I just picked up the Royal Jelly one to try.

puresmile1 puresmile2

Next is the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo liquid eyeliner. I’ve definitely heard many good things about this product. To be honest, this is actually my first eyeliner, and I’ve never used it before. I’m a complete noob when it comes to makeup lol ;; But I really just wanted to give it a try, so hopefully all goes well and I don’t end up poking myself in the eye with this ^^;;


Finally I found Missha’s Perfect Cover BB cream, which I’ve also been wanting to try, but just never did because I didn’t know what shade to get. The store had testers of No. 21 and No. 23 so I was able to swatch them~ To be honest, they looked pretty similar to me on my wrist, but I went with No. 23 just to be sure it wouldn’t be too light, haha. This is just the smaller 20 ml size and was around $12.


Interestingly enough, there was originally a little white sticker covering the parts of the box that said “SPF42 PA+++” but I took it off. I wonder why?

And the last two things I actually bought off Amazon in preparation for school starting soon. The first is a portable phone charger with Danboard’s face, and it’s so adorable! It comes with a little bag to hold it in as well. Ahh, I just can’t, it’s too cute ;; I also bought a 16 gb flash drive in the shape of a cupcake from the company Smoko Inc. I’m studying graphic design in college, so flash drives are a must for transferring project files and everything. I figured I deserved a bit of an upgrade in that department, haha.


So that’s all for now~ Hopefully I’ll be able to post at least twice a week from now on. To anyone who read this (unexpectedly long-ish) post, thank you and hope you have a good day~!


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